Landscape Maintenance

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Our landscape maintenance service consists of a 13 or 26 visit program. Our maintenance professionals will:

  • Remove all organic debris/litter from beds.
  • Maintain weed free beds, controlled with pre-emergent herbicides.
  • Prune Shrubs and ground cover.
  • Apply systemic / topical fungicides & insecticides as needed.
  • Apply liquid, organic fertilizers to all ornamental shrubs & perennials.

Landscape & Lawn

Our lawn & landscape maintenance is a 52-week program. Our maintenance profesionals Will:

  • Mow and edge all lawn areas.
  • Trim grass from all sprinkler heads, tree wells, fences, utility posts, and all other structures.
  • Rake and remove excess grass clippings from lawn, remove all grass clippings and debris from sidewalks, drives, and other hard surface areas.
  • Grass will be treated twice a year with a fungal preventative, as well as a pre-emergent herbicide.
  • Slow release fertilizer will applied 3 times per year with an optional rye grass application in the fall.
  • All planting beds will be maintained the same as the 13 & 26 week programs.

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